How to Select Suitable Thigh High Stockings

5Thigh high stockings improve the charm to the person wearing it. By following the tips we’ve  prepared for you, we’re sure you will be able to pick the right thigh high stockings that suit you best.

First is the garter belt. The way that a thigh high stockings is being held up in our body is very fascinating. There sure are many ways to hold thigh high stockings up and one of these is by the use of garter belts. Today, garter belts symbolize seduction and sexiness even though it started entirely before as tool to hold thigh high stockings up. These garter belts have four to six straps which has metal clips at its end to fasten the stockings. We advise you to select the garter belt that has six straps. If you are wearing a seamed stockings, it will hold the stockings in place more strongly.

Next thing is the elastics. Usually, thigh high stockings have an inner layer of silicone covered sometimes by lace at its top so as to keep in hanging onto the leg. The elastic band’s fit and snugness rest on the form of your legs. You may sometimes feel not comfy and damp because of sweat from these elastic bands. For those who have a sensitive skin, they may feel some itchiness because they hold tightly.

The type of heel and toe. There are loads of selection for the heel and toe of the stockings to be fortified. A pair of thigh high tights with sturdy heel will lengthen the life of the stockings but are not the first choice for those shoes that displays the heel or toe. They are not also sexy to look at.

These are some list for selecting the right toe and heel styling for your footwear. Sandlefoots are those which do not have a toe, but they can be easily rip and wear down. Choose this kind of high thigh stockings if you will be wearing an open-toed footwear. Those which have a toughened and pointes heel area are called the grench heel, they are very sexy and charming. It takes some practice when placing a seamed stocking in order for the top point of the center of the shoe heel to connect the seam and will flawlessly run up straight on the back of your legs. The demi toe high thigh stockings have supported upper toe and are sometimes called the half toe. The shoes that are used with this kind of stockings should be those that will not expose your toe.

The last but not the least is the fabric. There are lots of options for the material of the stockings. The material used will determine the elasticity of your stockings and it is more comfy if it will stretch better when you wear it. For more info, please follow the link.

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